Described by many as a tranquil spot in a hectic world, the Diggers Garden at The Old Mill is a special place of charm, beauty, and interest featuring many native California trees and plantings.

The Old Mill Foundation is fortunate to have the locally based, but universally admired, Diggers Garden Club to care for this island of tranquility surrounding the over 200 year old adobe building. The Diggers are members of the Garden Club of America.

Each season is anticipated in the The Digger’s Garden. The fall features the glorious ruby red pomegranates surrounding the Mill’s Pomegranate Patio.

As fall fades into winter, the Garden is at rest except for the falling leaves from several varieties of tall trees, and migrating birds who find temporary sanctuary on their branches.

Just as it might have been when the Mill was constructed, spring bursts out with the scent of the flowering orange, lemon, and lime trees in the area. The quince displays solid color blooms and the calla lilies sway under the oaks.

As summer comes, ceanothus and coral bells (Heuchera) compete for attention along shaded paths. On the Upper Patio a drift of plum and leaves of coral bells hug stairs and are given shade by the giant pine trees. The slope has rosemary and salvias that prosper in the sun.

During the warm summer months, the shady paths and rose covered ramada benches provide a respite from the heat. The sound of splashing water from a historic fountain makes the picture complete and satisfying.

The Garden is open and you are invited to tour this very special oasis from
1pm - 4pm, Tuesday through Sunday.